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Encyclopedia design & illustrations

455 illustrated subjects on evolution theory for Publishing House Ensie will be released in Sep ‘19. Available for preorder now.
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These illustrations are a compilation between free work and client work. All drawn in Adobe Illustrator using a variety of techniques.
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About Viktor Baltus


‘A boutique design studio specialized in illustrating authentic & heritage brand stories. Creating bespoke packaging, brand identity and editorial design’

You are unique, so your branding, packaging or labels should be too. I specialize in partnering with businesses just like you who just started or have established a reputation over the years but find that your business could use a facelift, to really emphasize on the heritage story and quality you want to show.

It’s my goal to make your company tell an established story and help you to feel proud of your brand. Together, we can make this happen. You with your industry experience and understanding of your customers’ needs, and me with my knowledge of design, typography and history, concept development and marketing expertise.

My clients range from start-ups and 150 year old family-run shops, to Swiss wineries, high-end chocolate makers in New York and even a cannabis company in California. While I work with clients from all over the world one thing stays the same. I’m committed to create unique brand identities, on- or offline, that fit your business story and meet your customers needs.

Based in the little town of Zeist in the middle of the Netherlands, on the edge of a large forest, I have my boutique design studio. I don’t concider myself a hipster but do have a beard and like good coffee and wine. My favourite days are those where I find gems in antique shops, can work on the nitty-gritty little details of lettering, can teach people all about typography or make long strolls through the forest.

My background in graphic design, typography and contemporary art gives me the possibility to think outside the box and I can easily switch between mediums and techniques. It allows me to work on and offline and help you in an approachable way.

Ever since I was introduced to history lessons I’m fascinated by antique shops and printed paper; old packaging, labels and the backsides of photo’s from the late 19th century. In 2012 I started the company ‘Chalkboard’ as the request for custom lettering on chalkboards in restaurants and coffee shops skyrocketed. What started out by drawing chalkboards for some of the biggest companies in the Dutch food and coffee industry, like Douwe Egberts, Coffee Company and Albert Heijn has grown in to a creative design studio where I tell stories with illustrations and lettering, because that is what I love to do most.


My design process to ensure high quality designs


After this I can give you a price quote. Happy with that?
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Step 1. Research of heritage & history
Through thorough research, I gain insight into the heritage and history of your company, project or idea. For the best result I analyse what typefaces and elements where used during the founding of your company or the portrayed time period. This all comes together in your visual timeline.

Step 2. Concept and visualisation
All of my observations are put to paper, and I design something that best addresses your challenges and business needs. Each proposal is reviewed, validated and refined to make sure you get the best result.

Step 3. Finalization and delivery
After approval of the final stage I deliver all documents and project details to you for implementation, to make sure every little detail is an accurate translation of your design into reality.


How long does it take?

Every project is different and has different assets. Some are small and can be delivered in three week,
other take one to three months from initial Research to Delivery.


Add an authentic touch to your
illustrations with these products

Are you a graphic designer or creative professionals and want to make your designs feel authentic?
I have created some high-quality and time-saving design resources to help you with that.


50 Authentic etching brushes for adobe illustrator

$ 16

10 vintage cards mockup bundle + 5 pre made scenes


20 flourishing brushes for adobe illustrator


50 woodcut brushes for adobe illustrator


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